Letter of Introduction and Portfolio

Essay #4: Letter of Introduction and Portfolio

This assignment gives you a chance to reflect on what you know about writing–reflection gives you a better understanding of what you know about your subject. This semester we have used reflection in this way on several occasions. For this assignment, you’ll write a Letter of Introduction¬† to guide your reader (your classmates and me) to your portfolio. The Letter of Introduction should be on the introductory page of your portfolio website.

For this assignment, review the Course Learning Outcomes on the opening page of the course site. Choose at least three of the course learning outcomes to discuss in depth (and make sure to identify which three you will discuss). In your letter, tell the reader what it is about these outcomes, as they apply to your own work, that are meaningful to you–you’ll have to determine the definition of “meaningful” for yourself. Be sure to describe to the reader where in your portfolio they can find evidence of your successful attainment of these outcomes.

The digital portfolio should contain, at a minimum, all of the major writing assignments from this semester–the Inquiry Based essay, the Source Based Essay, the Composition in Two Genres, and the Letter of Introduction–plus anything else (reflections, work from other classes or your non-academic life, or something else) that will support the claims you make in your theory of writing.


Evaluation Rubric

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