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Course Policies

CCNY’s Statement on Community Standards



Instructors can set their own attendance policies. CCNY recommends that students be allowed to miss a total of two weeks of class (4 class sessions for a class that meets twice a week, for example). Here is a sample policy:

Students are expected to attend every class session of this course and to be on time. If you miss five classes, your final grade will be dropped by one-half of one letter (a 90 to an 85, for example). If you miss six classes, your final grade will be dropped one full letter. If you miss seven classes, you will not be able to pass the course. Consistent late arrivals and early departures will have a negative impact on your grade. I will notify you by email if course absences (for full or partial classes) are having an impact on your grade. If you have special circumstances, please see me. I’m happy to work with you to help you complete this course. 

Student Support Services Program, NAC 6/148


SSSP invites new students, especially incoming freshmen and transfers at the start of fall, to join us up to our 500-student cap.  SSSP students should be either first-generation college students OR have a family income below a certain threshold.  SEEK students are not eligible to join as SSSP’s services in many ways mirror SEEK’s.  To apply, complete the application at  https://www.ccny.cuny.edu/sssp/sssp_application. Accepted students have full access to SSSP’s services, which include academic advising, personal counseling, and tutoring in the Academic Resource Center in Marshak 1104.  Tutoring supports all disciplines, and offers SSSP students the only online, 24/7 writing review service currently offered at City. Students requesting in-person writing tutoring are assigned to the same tutor for a series of meetings which can be weekly or customized to the students’ schedule of due dates.

Gateway Advising Center, NAC 1/220


Students without a declared major can receive academic advising, especially if you have questions about your course of study, core requirements, etc.

AccessAbility Center, NAC 1/218


The AccessAbility Center/Student Disability Services (AAC/SDS) ensures full participation and meaningful access to all of City College’s services, programs, and activities.

The Writing Center, NAC, Third Floor (entrance off the Amsterdam Avenue plaza)


The City College Writing Center offers one-on-one assistance for students working on writing assignments and projects from any discipline.

SEEK Peer Academic Learning Center, NAC 4/224


Offers counseling and peer tutoring for students in need of academic and financial support who have registered for the SEEK Program.

The Counseling Center


The Counseling Center at CCNY offers individual and group counseling and crisis intervention to students. Students will meet with a counselor for an intake appointment during which time the counselor will discuss the student’s concerns and help to identify an appropriate plan for treatment.

Public Safety


The Department of Public Safety is located in NAC 4/201. The general information number is 212 650 6911. The emergency number is 212 650 7777.

Additional Policies 

Guidelines for:

  • Maintaining a clean classroom environment (eating and drinking during class)
  • Use of cell phones, tablets, and computers during class meetings


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